Privacy Policy


In order to use the app “We Hue” you need to agree to the following Terms of Use. The protection of your data is essential to us, which is why we ask you to read these Terms prior to using “We Hue”. “We Hue” is an application that interacts with and uses the Application Programming Interface(API) made available as a part of the Philips Hue Bridge to control Philips’ Hue resources.

Right of Use

Upon installing “We Hue” and acknowledging these Terms of Use, we grant you a simple, non-transferable right for non-commercial use of “We Hue”. You may neither disassemble nor change or have someone else change “We Hue” or any part thereof. We reserve the right to stop further development or maintenance of “We Hue” at any point in time given a reasonable notice period (maximum 3 months). You agree that in such a case you shall have no claim for damages, loss of profit or any other compensation.

Intellectual Property

“Hue” is a trademark of Philips Lighting BV residing in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. When you submit an idea to us, e.g. when contacting us, and we make this idea a part of “We Hue”, you shall, notwithstanding an explicit written agreement stipulating otherwise, not have any claim for compensation or of any other kind against us. "We Hue", including all its parts, e.g. functions, design and other visualizations, are solely our work, and we reserve all rights, and grant you the respectively necessary rights only as far and long as you need them for use of “We Hue”.


Apart from the initial purchase of “We Hue”, if applicable, or, as the case may be, further purchases related to so-called “in-App purchases”, no further costs accrue for the use of “We Hue”.


Notwithstanding explicit statements, we generally do not assert any functions or idiosyncrasies of “We Hue”, and we reserve the right to further develop “We Hue” and, in doing so, alter access to “We Hue” and its functions, or respectively parts thereof, temporarily or permanently, or remove any part thereof without giving reason. We do not warrant that you will or even can achieve any specific goal using “We Hue” (e.g. prevent a burglary through the use of light schedules). Equally, we do not take responsibility for damages caused by devices controlled by “We Hue” (e.g. lamps or bridges). We don’t warrant “We Hue” to work flawlessly whereas the system relies on various factors that “We Hue” has no or limited influence on (e.g. reliability of information provided by the operating system being available(or not), quality of the local WiFi network and the reachability thereof and quality of the connection with and amongst the resources). “We Hue” is not intended for use on mobile devices on which the operating system does not match the stock version, or so-called “Jailbreak Devices”. On Jailbreak Devices you use “We Hue” at your own risk, any warranty is waived, and we are not liable for any damages resulting from the use on said devices.

Waiver Of Liability

We do our best to maintain “We Hue” free of defects but you use it as it is, at your own risk. Notwithstanding mandatory liability, we are neither liable for errors nor malfunctions nor consequences thereof, neither direct nor indirect ones, regardless of whether through said defect data in your user account is lost or not. As far as we are liable by law, our liability is limited to typical and foreseeable damages, and independently, to the sum total of your so-called “We Hue app purchases” as meant under the paragraph Costs, for the entire relationship between you and us.

Right Of Recourse

If any third person raises a claim against us as a result of any culpable breach of any of these Terms, and attributable to you, you agree to, upon our first request in text form, protect us and hold us harmless from any costs arising from defending ourselves against said claim, and you will furthermore support us to your best endeavors in defending our rights in said situation, e.g. by providing any information on the case.

Your Data

Should “We Hue” crash, a crash report is automatically sent to us that helps us locate the reason for the crash, and eliminate such reason for future versions. Said report contains details on your device type, operating system version and on your last activities. Said report contains a summary of your last activities in “We Hue” and the location in the software of the crash occurred. The report is transferred to Crashlytics, Inc. (a Google subsidiary). Reports are transferred though without any reference to you personally. You can request information on your personal data saved with us by contacting us. You may also request us to delete your personal data – provided that, and as long as, we are not by law required to keep your data stored.

Use of Your Data

We Hue and this website use any personal information in very limited ways. On the site we currently do not use cookies for tracking or storing any personal information. When you login We Hue we do receive your email and any name associated with that email as it is linked to your social media account. You can always choose to skip this step. We use the information if you contact us for support and we send you a reply. Your user names and email addresses we do receive are protected by Google and Apple security technology. We do not store this information externally.

We do not sell, trade, or otherwise transfer to outside parties your personally identifiable information. This does not include website hosting partners and other parties who assist us in operating our website, conducting our business, or serving our users, so long as those parties agree to keep this information confidential. We may also release information when it's release is appropriate to comply with the law, enforce our site policies, or protect ours or others' rights, property or safety. However, we do use non-personally identifiable app user and website visitor information to analyze trends and assist product development and marketing.


When contacting us, please provide us with the true particulars about yourself. You shall keep your access information to “We Hue” and your Philips account safe, and not provide any of these details with anyone else. Abide by the law whenever using “We Hue”. Through the installation of “We Hue” you confirm that these conditions are and will be met, and that you will immediately notify us whenever any part of these conditions are not met any longer.


We reserve the right to alter these Terms at our own discretion. Current applicable Terms are available in “We Hue” under “Terms of Use” in the so-called bridge navigator menu. When you do not accept these Terms any longer, you may no longer use “We Hue”. Should certain provisions in these Terms be or become void or infeasible, the remaining provisions shall remain in force. The use of “We Hue”, and these Terms, are governed by Dutch Law excluding the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods (CISG). The courts competent within The Netherlands shall have sole jurisdiction in relation to all matters arising out of the use of “We Hue”.

Contacting Us

If there are any questions regarding this privacy policy or terms of use you may contact us at