Flick & Swipe – Quick Control

Switch on/off, dim, scene selection, and even change color of all your lights in your room or groups to match your mood with one tap in only one convenient view

Create Rooms & Groups

Control all Philips Hue lights in your rooms, groups, upstairs, downstairs, outside, or whole house

Preset & Customized Scenes

Recall your favorite We Hue scenes by simply tapping the image, cycling through purposeful white mood settings, or creating your own scenes with our powerful preset feature

Expand System Beyond

Easily add Hue lights or Hue accessories seamlessly well beyond 50 Hue light limits with “Add a Hue Bridge”

Daily Routines & Alarms

Enjoy waking up energized and going to sleep more relaxed. Set light schedules and/ or timers to support your personal daily routines for lights, rooms, and groups

Settings & Configurations Made Easy

All Philips Hue light and accessory settings automatically migrate to We Hue for immediate use. Settings are accessed and altered directly on all-in-one control page